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When it comes to hair and beard transplants, our network of clinics and hair professionals in Monterrey offer the best hair solutions to your needs. 

In Monterrey, integration among our medical and tourism partners allow us to offer specialized hair/beard transplant services in our accredited clinics with advanced technology, competitive prices, certified doctors, and health workers who provide excellent care based on ethics, quality and safety.

And to make your stay even better, the state of Nuevo León offers an extensive variety of tourism options that range from exciting activities full of adventure for the family, to quieter sightseeing and cultural alternatives for our patients.



-Medical Fee
-Procedure room fee
-Medical supplies
-Post-op medications
-follow up appointments (online)
-1 kit of shampoos for POST-TREATMENT


Airfare (Round Trip) from San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas
-HOTEL Accommodation for 1 o 2 nights
-Ground transportation from airport-hotel-clinic-hotel-airport

BOLD is a clinic specialized in Hair Restoration that was initiated from the satisfaction and impact on the lives of hundreds of patients who have been treated by our medical team who is characterized by their professionalism and the highest quality services.

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An Evaluation will be carry out by your doctor a diagnosis and treatment will be provided, designing a new hairline according to your facial expressions and head dimensions with a natural looking.


The hair harvesting is done by selecting the hair follicles with the best quality using the latest techniques to ensure that you new hair will grow perfectly.


Every Hair Follicle is classified by our staff and is placed on the recipient area following the same direction and deep so the new hair will look just natural as desired.


Congratulations! You have achieved what you always wanted, to get your hair back!


What we

Hair transplant

The Hair Transplant is a procedure where hair follicles from the donor area are removed and re located on the area that lacks hair (Frontal area, open spots, Crown area) making this area hairy again with great results.


With our techniques we can get that density and shape you always wanted for your eyebrows.

Beard transplant

If you are looking for a manly look, we got your back! We do full beard transplant, filling gaps or mustache, We will guide you in the best design for you.


Nothing is lost! If you have a Scar on your scalp and want to fade it with hair you can do it!, Our implant techniques let us place new hair follicles in that scar tissue.

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Your Safety is First!

BOLD has all the necessary requirements and measures to provide you with the security and privacy you deserve.

Limited number
of operations

In Bold all our procedures are done by certified physicians, reason why we avoid crowd. It is well known that if too many procedures are done in one single day by the same staff, mistakes rate is increased and success won’t be achieve.

You Satisfaction,
our priority!

In bold our priority is you! That is why we provide personalized attention, your doctor will be with you throughout the treatment, answering your questions and guiding you in the process to recover your hair.

High quality

Our procedures are minimally invasive, for your safety BOLD has sterilization rooms and equipment that meet the highest national and international standards, proving the best quality.

Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions and answers.

The hair of the donor area is resistant to Dihydrotestosterone (DHI) which causes the hair to fall out, so when harvesting the new hair just  the Non-Hormon dependent hair is taking so when placed it in the desired area will grow and stay forever.

The Hair transplant procedure is a minimally invasive technique and local anesthesia is used which makes the procedure painless. During the procedure the patient can watch TV or even use his cell phone.

A technique known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used to harvest the grafts, which does not generate a visible scar.

A Hair Transplant Procedure can vary in duration, which can range from 4 hours to 6 hours depending on the amount of hair to be grafted.

The haircut can vary according to the area to be transplanted, we have 3 types of techniques.

1. Military HairCut; This haircut requires cutting the entire donor area and is used when the area to be transplanted is very extensive.

2. Cut by sections or Window cut; If your hair of the donor area is long enough you can only shave a section of the donor area and long hair will hide that section and it is used for medium to small area procedures.

3. NS-FUE (Non shaving Follicular Unit Extraction) This is a new technique and means that only the follicle to be grafted is cut, it can be used for small, medium or full density areas.

Depending on the need of each person, 1 to 4 procedures can be done according to the donor area, which is a NON-renewable resource, so it is very important that the procedure is carried out by experts to care for donor hair and that only the necessary amount.


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